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Ex O's boss to speak at AGM

LOFT is pleased to announce that former Leyton Orient manager Frank Clark will be the special guest at LOFT's AGM, which will be held at the Leyton Orient Supporters Club at the O's ground on Thursday 30 November, starting at 7:45pm.

The AGM is open to all to attend, with priority given to LOFT members. If you would like to attend but are not a LOFT member, please contact us by phone or e-mail by 12pm on 30 November.

Two members are standing for election to the LOFT committee for the first time at the AGM; Keith Hallam and Jack Pridmore. Keith was co-opted to the committee earlier this year after putting himself forward, and has helped out with a number of activities, while Jack was recently co-opted. Four committee members are also standing down from the committee under LOFT's rules, but are standing for re-election; Paul Arnup, Tom Davies, Jonathan Kaye and Mike Randall.

These are uncontested elections as the committee contains fewer than the maximum permitted under LOFT's rules. All those standing for election or re-election were asked to provide a statement as to why they wish to stand for the committee, or for those standing again what work they have carried out.

Paul Arnup: "My role as Membership Secretary is to collate applications for membership of LOFT, register the applications, and send membership cards. The Membership Secretary also keeps an up-to-date list of the members, and is responsible for sending out membership renewal notifications yearly, as well as liaising closely with both the Secretary and Treasurer. I also circulate the membership whenever there is a need to do so; with AGM notices, newsletters and the like. The Membership Secretary is also responsible for maintaining the LOFT members e-mailing list and ensuring that all current members are subscribed to the list unless they have expressed a preference otherwise."

Tom Davies: "I am standing for re-election to the committee as media liaison spokesman because, as a long-standing Leyton Orient regular and journalist by trade, Iím well equipped to handle Orient and LOFT-related matters in the media. I have helped co-ordinate our statements and responses to recent developments with the ground, and have helped promote LOFTís position to the wider public, as well as attending meetings with local council figures. LOFTís credibility and influence is growing, and we have a great opportunity to build on that in the coming years. I am also fully committed to the supporters trust movement, and to LOFTís role within it, and have represented LOFT at conferences and events run by Supporters Direct. I welcome the growing role of fans in the running of their clubs in general. Up the Oís."

Keith Hallam: "I am prepared to be on the Committee, & I would prefer to work with the PFA, to represent the supporters working with the players. I DO NOT think the PFA exists only to pay the players wages when a club is in a financial mess; there are other issues, such as new players moving to the area, how injured players are treated, etc. I think supporters should take an interest in the overall employment practices of a club; are Orient a good employer, or do most jobs go to friends of people already in the Club. Some of the regular administrative mess-ups might be due to staff being employed on the wrong basis - jobs not advertised, and staff not employed on the basis of ability.  
Also I would like to try and ensure that youth team & LOASS players are treated well, encouraged to continue with their education while learning football, that all adults working with the youth are in fact suitable to work with young people. 
I am prepared to be on the Committee with no special role, or to leave the committee & be an ordinary member.  If there is work to be done I have shown I am prepared to help with the work."

Jonathan Kaye: "As Secretary and Webmaster I have contributed a great deal to the running of LOFT since joining the committee, in particular to LOFT's "public face", including: running the LOFT website and online shop and all associated admin (such as selling the United Colours t-shirt and They Took The Lead), organising volunteers for the last two Kick It Out days, and drafting almost all newsletters and press releases. I also maintain contacts with the Chief Executive and Secretary at Leyton Orient, and the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Supporters Club, and liaise with them where appropriate. I am standing again to continue this work, and to help keep LOFT as an active Trust."

Jack Pridmore: No statement provided.

Mike Randall: No statement provided.

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