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Olympic Stadium reflections

Whenever the saga of the Olympic Stadium takes another twist, LOFT is asked what its stance is. The same has been true this past week, following the publication of this story in the Telegraph.

Regardless of who O's chairman Barry Hearn is potentially able to strike a deal with to rent the Olympic Stadium for some or all of Orient's home matches, our stance remains it has been all along and as reiterated several months ago.

Simply put, we cannot support any move to the Olympic Stadium for Leyton Orient until supporters have been properly consulted and the implications (both financial and matchday experience) have been made clear.

In an unusual role reversal, this leaves the club chairman talking of dreams and supporters wanting to talk facts and figures!

As we said in September, there is much to celebrate and build on of our uniqueness as football club, and to differentiate us from our probable even-nearer neighbour. Any move away from Brisbane Road has to be proven to be better for the club than staying put and fighting our corner of east London.

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