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Meeting with the club, October 2001

On 10th October 2001 members of the committee met with the club in order to raise a number of issues which you, as members, had asked to be brought to their attention. An outline of the topics discussed is set out below:

1. Ticketing and Admission
The club accepted that there were mistakes made in the past, in particular at the Spurs match. Wide-ranging efforts are being made to ensure that arrangements for entering the ground are better organised and run. We were assured that the club did not want to see problems with people entering the ground and were doing all they could to prevent this.

The Club would like to remind all fans that tickets can be purchased for all League fixtures, both in advance and on matchdays, and the Ticket Office is rarely subject to large queues.

2. Ground Redevelopment
LOFT reminded the Club that there were LOFT members and other fans who had strongly-held views about the removal of the last standing area at Leyton Orient. LOFT urged the club to consult widely, so that they're aware of supporter opinion and to keep all fans informed of the developing plans. LOFT specifically questioned the necessity of an all-seater stadium.

LOFT reiterated the need for continuing transparency in any plans for the ground, and regular communication and consultation with the supporters in these matters generally.

3. Share Register
LOFT requested a copy of the current Register of Shareholders in Leyton Orient Football Club.

4. Anti-Racism Initiatives
There was considerable discussion relating to the forthcoming Lets Kick Racism Out Day. This led onto the club's long-term commitment to rid the club of racist elements. The club's stance is to seek to improved recognition of LOFC as a non-racist club within the community. A proper relationship with the local community was viewed as more enduring and valuable than a banner within the ground, which might merely be a symbolic gesture with no real significance.

5. Local Support Issues
All parties agreed that Leyton Orient is currently struggling to encourage new supporters from the local community to matches. Amongst the initiatives which the Club is undertaking in an effort to address this are poster and leaflet campaigns around the local area, which will precede two of Orient's home games this season, and local businesses will be approached to see how they can help develop the relationship between the Club and the local community. The Club is genuinely committed to finding new ways to encourage more fans, especially those from the Leyton area, to attend Orient matches. It sees this as something that it vital to the long-term prosperity and growth of the club.

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