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No leadership, no plan - no future?

The departure of Danny Webb as manager of Leyton Orient sadly comes as no surprise. His frustration in his most recent interviews at the lack of planning above him has been clear to see and hear.

It is now obvious that there is no leadership at the football club. No planning by anyone for what happens next. Apart from the staff at the club who face a ridiculous situation, there is quite literally nobody there with any idea what to do.

The lack of leadership is not just of Francesco Becchetti's doing. Those he has appointed to his inner circle – Alessandro Angelieri, Vito Miceli, Rob Gagliardi – also need to look at their actions (or lack thereof) and ask themselves: "What good am I doing here? How exactly am I helping Leyton Orient's future?"
Leyton Orient fans should be under no illusions. Whether or not Francesco Becchetti finds the £1m he promised the court to pay off existing debts he has run up in past months, if he does not sell the club soon then the club will not stabilise.
Without wishing to pre-judge what happens on the pitch in the coming weeks, there has to be a plan if relegation to the National League happens. There are plenty of examples at other former League clubs that have declined, that show that Leyton Orient could very easily continue to slide down the non-league pyramid if Becchetti remains as owner – just as it has plummeted from the top of League One to its current position in under 3 years.
If Becchetti does not sell the club soon, it is likely that a substantial number of supporters will choose not to buy season tickets in the summer, as they become ever more disillusioned at his ownership. The prospect of a slow and lingering decline down the non-leagues is a frightening one for all O's fans, nonetheless it is a very real one if there isn’t a change of owner.
The club that supposedly had "a squad without future" has no future itself, unless there is change.
The local council, the local MP and a prominent local newspaper are all backing LOFT in calling for Becchetti to go. Pretty much the whole world of football can see that his ownership is toxic. Even his staunchest supporters among O's fans now accept that the club cannot progress under his control.
LOFT's board is putting together plans for a protest to mark the last home match of the current season, which could well be the last Football League match at Brisbane Road for some time. We will also be joining the Fans United protest at Blackpool on the final day of the season. In the meantime, LOFT cannot lead or organise any protests at the current situation that break the law or ground regulations; as a collective organisation seeking to represent creditors and shareholders in court, and to represent members to football governing bodies, the club's landlord, potential investors and any potential new owner, LOFT must maintain a professional profile.
Mr Becchetti – enough is enough. Go, and go now. Sell the club for a realistic price. Let someone else try to take the club forwards, rather than let it continue to slide backwards.

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