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Broken promises at Leyton Orient

LOFT learnt late yesterday that the players and staff at Leyton Orient Football Club have still not been paid.
This is despite a promise made to them last Friday, when their wages were originally due. Staff were assured then by the chief operating officer, Vito Miceli, that they would receive their salaries today, 6 April.
The club is in utter disarray. The chief executive, Alessandro Angelieri, has not been seen at the ground for months. A number of suppliers have approached us since the winding-up hearing on 20 March, and it is now clear to us that there are well over 50 creditors who between them are owed hundreds of thousands of pounds.

This news once again shows that owner Francesco Becchetti and his team, Alessandro Angelieri and Vito Miceli, are unable to keep their promises. It is astounding that they can treat their staff with such contempt while living in comfort themselves. Becchetti lives in a 22m mansion in Mayfair but can't or won't pay his bills, while Angelieri reportedly lives in luxurious accommodation paid for by the football club; it is not clear whether his rent is still being paid. If it is, we find this particularly disturbing given the situation with creditors and staff.
Vito Miceli is the messenger for the president and the chief executive, but he is unable to answer the many questions the staff have. His reassurances, like his promises, are not worth anything. All three have failed miserably in their responsibility as employers and their failure to pay their staff and the club's players is a shameful breach of responsibility.
LOFT will be meeting the PFA next week to discuss how we can help move the club out of this crisis. We are doing everything that we can to support the dedicated staff at the football club during this extremely difficult period. We call on Becchetti, Angelieri and Miceli to sort out this problem and then sell the club to more competent people who understand that employers are legally obliged to pay their staff according to the contracts of employment.

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