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We got our club back!

The LOFT Board is delighted to welcome the news that the club has finally been sold after a tumultuous 3-year period. It has been clear for some months that the only way Leyton Orient can move forward is under new ownership, and all O's fans will now desperately want to see a regime in place that brings stability to their beloved football club.

The past 3 years have been without question the worst extended period in Leyton Orient's history. The damage inflicted on Leyton Orient by Francesco Becchetti may take years, maybe even a decade or longer, to recover from. The club must never again be laid low by such irresponsible unaccountable ownership.

The only silver lining to the very large cloud that has been the past 3 years has been the response of Orient supporters to their club being run down. The incredible backing given to the management and players in clear adversity brought to mind the fantastic atmosphere of the 2013/14 play-off season. The fans' support proved time and again that this is a special club worth saving.

The response of supporters around the world to our actions and the Regeneration Fund we set up has at times been overwhelming; and not just O's fans, as fans from other clubs made donations and sent us their best wishes. The generosity of those who gave their time and money to support our efforts and, unbidden, donated items to auction for the fund, has been almost immeasurable. We can never thank everyone enough for their support, but we'll try anyway  for now, thank you!

The Regeneration Fund was set up to help prepare for the various potential post-Becchetti scenarios. Since so many people donated so much, whether money, time or memorabilia, it is therefore only right and proper that we seek to use the money raised over 175,000 to help rebuild the club. We look forward to meeting Mr Travis at the earliest opportunity to discuss using the Regeneration Fund to help in the rebuilding, within the members' mandate around fan representation. The pledge of a fans' representative on the board of the football club is to be welcomed.

Now is the time for all Orient fans to unite and help move the club forward; we are all Orient 'Til We Die. The support of all fans is needed more than ever as the club faces its first season in the National League. As a democratic society with over 1,300 members, LOFT will certainly continue to play its part as it has done for the past 16 years, in representing its members to promote the long-term wellbeing of Leyton Orient Football Club.

Welcome to Kent Teague as he joins Nigel Travis at this great football club. Up the O's!

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Visit LOFT's online store and support us while you shop!