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The board of the Leyton Orient Fans' Trust is saddened and disappointed at the parting of the ways between Leyton Orient FC and Leyton Orient Women's FC, announced today (28 April 2021).

We have been proud to support LOWFC in recent seasons, as we have been to support LOFC under its current ownership. We believe that LOFT can have a beneficial impact in sponsoring women's football at Leyton Orient, and we are glad that we have been able to play a small part in supporting LOWFC's journey over the past few years.

Prior to Covid-19, we had pledged to continue our support the women's team for 2020/21 but had sought information from LOWFC on their future funding requirements. With the curtailment of the 2019/20 women's season and the resulting uncertainty, we reiterated that offer several times in the past year, provided they could set out their funding position and requirements - we do of course have a responsibility to our members to manage our resources wisely. Despite several requests and offers of help to establish their position, we received no such information; nonetheless our offer of sponsorship remained on the table.

We remain committed to a women's set up at Leyton Orient, as we see its success as being as integral and important to the club as the men's team. We will of course be discussing the club's new approach with them and we will look to support this wherever we can. We also wish the current LOWFC every success in the future, and we hope that the bonds between them and LOFT remain true.

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