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LOFT and Club work together (August 2002)

We are pleased to announce that LOFT is working closely with the Club to tackle the issue of widening support for Orient within the local community.

As you may remember, members decided that a Working Group should be formed to look at the problem of lack of local support for Orient, and suggest ways that this could be overcome. The working group had several brainstorming sessions, and sent the notes to the Club. The Club were interested in our suggestions and ideas, with the result that a meeting was organised between LOFT's Working Party and representatives of the Club and the Community Sports Programme. We have since had a second meeting, and are delighted that the club have already taken up some of our recommendations, such as getting involved with the local Leisure Saver Scheme, and promoting itself more directly to students via Freshers' fairs.

Steve Dawson, Chief Executive of the club, said: "The Club welcomes the help of LOFT in any initiatives that are constructive. This particular project, which is still in its early stages, shows that LOFT can give the Club much needed practical help in strengthening the Club's supporter base within the locality. The Club recognises that encouraging young local supporters to watch Live Football at Brisbane Road is the key to its future success. Both the Supporters Club and LOFT have a significant role in helping the Club to promote the extremely good value Junior Season Tickets and other initiatives that the Club have been operating for several years. We look forward to developing our relationship with LOFT over the coming months."

Meetings of this joint Working Party look set to become a regular event, and we look forward to working further with the club to follow up these recommendations with more long-term strategies to make Orient better known within the local community.

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