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Fans' organisation calls for unity

The Football Supporters' Federation (FSF), the representative organisation for fans in England and Wales, has expressed alarm at suggestions at reports that the Football League is to give more power and money to its elite.

Commenting on reports that a report to be considered by Football League chiefs next Tuesday (13 August 2002) by consultants KPMG recommends a separate board for each Division and that First Division clubs receive three votes on League affairs for every one vote of Second and Third Division clubs.

Stoke City supporter and FSF co-chair Malcolm Clarke said, "We're extremely worried about these suggestions. We represent supporters from the pyramid to the Premiership. What we're all united on the need for football to share its income fairly. The proposals will only widen the already huge financial gulf between a few clubs at the top and the rest. This makes no sense in business never mind in sporting terms. The rot that started with the Premiership breakaway has just accelerated.

"It's crazy.", he continued, "There's never been more money in the game in its entire history yet so many clubs are in danger of going to the wall. The selfish, short-term myopia that seems to infest football from time to time is going to start claiming casualties soon amongst clubs, many of which have been in business for over a century. Anything that accelerates their demise would be nothing but sporting and cultural vandalism. The Football League agreed to consult fans on its re-structuring. We've written to the League asking for urgent talks on this. Supporters voices need to be heard in this crucial debate"

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