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All members of LOFT's Society Board (or committee, as we generally call it!) are subject to LOFT's Board Membership & Conduct Policy, which was part of the changed rules adopted in 2012 and available for download.

Below is a list of the current committee members, and their activities on the committee (both past and ongoing):

Doug Harper / Chair
Year and Place of Birth: 1962, Barkingside
Place of Residence: Plumstead
Occupation: Musician
Orient fan since: 1968
Why do you want to be involved with LOFT? "I believe that fans are entitled to a voice within their club and the club deserves to hear that voice, in a joint effort (if possible) to improve the relationship with the club and its community."

Adam Michaelson / Legal
Year and Place of Birth: 1971, Enfield
Place of Residence: Southgate
Occupation: Investment banker
Orient fan since: 1977
Why do you want to be involved with LOFT? "I get sick of fans' interests being ridden roughshod over and in particular, I am not prepared to accept the notion that as a club and a community institution we will be forgotten about because there is not enough money/are not enough votes in it."

Anna Fleming / Liaison
Year and Place of Birth: 1972, Maidstone
Place of Residence: Maidstone
Occupation: Social worker
Orient fan since: birth
Why do you want to be involved with LOFT? "I am a founding member of LOFT and rejoined the committee in 2016 as I was concerned about how the club was being run. After an exhausting season working many, many hours on LOFT duties, I am pleased with the change of ownership and look forward to a quieter season. I want to remain involved with LOFT to continue the work we have done in raising the profile of fans within the club and the wider game."

Paul Arnup / Membership Secretary
Year and Place of Birth: 1961, Hackney
Place of Residence: Ashford, Kent
Occupation: Service Delivery Manager at a leading IT company
Orient fan since: 1970
Why do you want to be involved with LOFT? "The true meaning of the word 'Club' has been steadily eroded over the years. Football clubs, not just Leyton Orient, are increasingly alienating themselves from the very people who are their lifeblood. LOFT can hopefully try to reverse that trend."

Dave Knight / No formal position
Year and Place of Birth: 1955, Hackney
Place of Residence: Leytonstone
Occupation: Retired social worker and ex branch secretary of UNISON in Waltham Forest
Orient fan since: 1966
Why do you want to be involved with LOFT? "I am interested in promoting the role and influence of supporters in the running of football clubs and at all levels of the game. I was the first editor of Leyton Orientear back in the 1980's and championed supporters issues during that time, organising protests at the Orient against proposed ID cards. I have now recently retired and would like to get involved in promoting the role of supporters in football again."

Mat Roper / Recruitment
Year and Place of Birth: 1972, Grays
Place of Residence: Ashford, Middlesex
Occupation: Self-employed (small sided football provider & coach)
Orient fan since: 1978
Why do you want to be involved with LOFT? "Fans are the lifeblood of any club & with ever growing problems in the game I want a Leyton Orient for future family generations to support."

Jonathan Kaye / Secretary & Webmaster
Year and Place of Birth: 1970, Walthamstow
Place of Residence: Southend
Occupation: Civil Servant
Orient fan since: 1977
Why do you want to be involved with LOFT? "To make a difference in an independent organisation that speaks up for all Leyton Orient fans. Every club should have a Supporters' Trust, not just those fighting for their survival."

Mike Randall / Stadium Issues
Year and Place of Birth: 1946, Barking
Place of Residence: Woodingdean, Brighton
Occupation: Retired FE lecturer, part time NHS Patient and Public Lead
Orient fan since: 1962
Why do you want to be involved with LOFT? "Fans were being treated with contempt and something had to be done. LOFT was the result."

Peter Osborne / Treasurer
Year and Place of Birth: 1952, East Molesey, Surrey
Place of Residence: Bookham, Leatherhead, Surrey
Occupation: Chartered Accountant running own small practice in Kingston-upon-Thames.
Orient fan since: 1968
Why do you want to be involved with LOFT? "Because I think we can make a difference and contribute to the future of the club."

Tom Davies / Vice-Chair and Media Liaison
Year and Place of Birth: 1970, Wanstead
Place of Residence: Walthamstow
Occupation: Journalist
Orient fan since: 1977
Why do you want to be involved with LOFT? "Because I think football supporters have been taken for granted for too long by those that own, manage and even write about football clubs. There's an enormous amount of enthusiasm, intelligence and dedication on the terraces and in the stands that should be better utilised by the club. Fans deserve more of a say in the way the game in general, and Leyton Orient in particular, is run. And I'd like to see Orient one day become a properly successful, community-based football club. We can all dream..."

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